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The importance of a daily routine for children and tips to make it work

The current times are quite unusual for us and be it work or play everything has changed. While most of us have adapted to this kind of lifestyle, it has certainly left an impact. One such impact is that on the lives of our children. Unknown changes are a constant fear in the lives of young children and while change does give them a learning opportunity, it is also stressful for them. A simple way to alleviate this stress is to introduce them to simple but regular daily routines.

But what is it that makes a daily routine for children so essential? The following are some reasons why:

A well tuned body clock

Setting a body clock helps your child in many ways . From basics like regularizing their bath routine and sleep cycles to healthy meals and play time, it helps them have an ideal mix of activity and rest. When the body adjusts to a certain time clock it helps them to adjust into their routines better.

Importance of family time

When the child experiences regular family activities around them, it helps them set aside time and prioritize being a part of these activities. Even young children pick up on these consistent activities that strengthens their understanding of shared beliefs, traditions and values. These are a great way to strengthen understanding and relationships within the family.

No more power struggles and undue expectations

When there is a set routine the parent becomes a partner rather than an instructor. Thus the child is less stressed and anxious because they know the expectations and are conditioned to it. This also gives the children a sense of value as they don't feel as if they are forced into doing something as a task.

A more confident and constructive child

Over time, with the help of a routine the child learns what is required to be done and takes charge by doing it independently without any support. Gradually reducing dependency on a parent, routines help boost confidence in a child, helping them feel empowered and accomplished. It also helps them greatly in understanding the value of time management.

Good for parents too!

A routine helps parents keep track of important aspects of their life that allows more time for family activities and special bonding rituals. These rituals like monthly picnics or reading sessions before bed help enhance the bonding with your children and it becomes a joy to look forward to these relaxing moments everyday.

Provides comfort and stability

Great for a child's mental and physical health, routines provide children with a sense of security and brings a little normalcy in their lives especially during unpredictable and chaotic times such as we face currently.

They say excess of everything is bad and a routine is no exception. While having a routine is immensely beneficial, it is also important for it to be flexible as the goal is to make your child feel liberated rather than burdened by it. The following simple tips can help create a simple and manageable routine for your children

Their opinion matters

Making children a part of the decision making process helps them take ownership of these routines when it comes to implementing them. They will be happy to do the tasks which have been planned keeping their opinion in mind and boosts their confidence. They also come to acknowledge their own capabilities which is quite liberating.

Steering clear of an unrealistic routine

Your child sometimes gets stressed to follow a particular routine because it seems too unrealistic for them as per a certain time frame. Hence it is a great idea to first do a run through of these activities with them and make adjustments as you go along. It's also important to prioritize: not just what feels important to you but feels important for them as well. This helps cut down on a lot of unwanted stress both for you and your little one.

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Making fun written memos

 A child will always need support to follow these routines till the time they can do this independently. A great way to help children remember is by writing these routines down. Creating fun memos with your child is an enjoyable as well as interesting activity that helps. Fun ways of following routines always work well.

Your encouraging tone

Lastly, acknowledge that a new routine takes time and your child is just as apprehensive as you. Their distraction needs a gentle reminder to help them come back on track. Their little accomplishments are just as important as their final achievement hence words of praise for little improvements make a world of difference!

With these little tips this challenging task can soon transform into a fun bonding experience with your little one.