The Magic of winters and the seasonal rituals of gifting!

The Magic of winters and the seasonal rituals of gifting!

The crisp, quivering winds sets the pace of the season ushering us into sunny mornings and cold nights. It is time to perfect the winter rituals that make for the best memories of the season.

There’s magic in the frosty air, not just it lets us snuggle under the warm blankets but also brings along a stream of winter memories from the past. The long nights, the radiant hours of blissful afternoons and the peaceful evening, don’t they just bring back the sweet memories of your childhood?

As the magic of Nature keeps us inspired, there are also a string of old-world rituals cherished through time, that don’t get old no matter where we are or how old we get.

The fun-filled times with family, unending conversations while nibbling on warm winter treats or head massage by grandma under the warm winter sun. Her hands deftly knitting warm woollies of the season, treasured masterpieces today sitting pretty in the crannies of our closet.Wasn’t your winter full of these simple pleasures that will live with you forever?

As the charm in the mystic winds sets in, let’s give in to the magic of what the season holds for us. Let the traditional rituals keep us rooted to your loved ones. Let the sunshine through the irregular cracks warm the little nooks of your sweet home reminding you why these magnificent rituals never lose their charm even when you grow up.

The tradition of gift giving during the holiday season

Holiday season is synonymous to exchanging gifts with your loved ones. These rituals of sharing happiness in boxes become our expression of celebrating togetherness and joy.

Remember the excitement of a wrapped-up gift? Waiting for the party to get over and get on with the ritual of slowly unwrapping happiness under the bright-lit Christmas tree all through the night.

Not knowing what’s on the inside but being sure of the exclusive thought put into it especially for you. It reminds us of the scent of presents.

Well, those sentiments do not change, no matter how old one gets.

The joy of spreading happiness is truly magical. Giving is not just important to mark the special occasions but it is also an expression of our love for the people those gifts are meant for.

Tales of Gifting with MAATÉ

To mark the essence of gifting and the joy it delivers has inspired‘Tales of gifting’ at MAATÉ.

To delight the little ones and gift them the experience of simple yet timeless joys of life. Not only does it teach them the importance of sharing but also keeps them excited as they look forward to the fun and frolic of the festive season.

Celebrate the joys of this holiday season with gifts truly meantfor the tender love and care of the little ones.


Bring home the Gift Box with our exclusive Baby Hair Cleanser, Baby Body Wash and Baby Wooden Hair Brush. Get your little ones festive ready with our choicest gift sets, curated just for them.


Exclusive Nourish Massage Gift box with MAATÉ Baby Body Massage Oil, Baby Hair Oil and Oil Massage Bowl. Keep your little pumpkins winter warm with nourishing massage rituals!


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Find nature’s wholesome gifts sitting pretty in boxes meant for complete winter care of the little ones.Let’s celebrate the spirit of sharing through the holiday season with earth loving gifts.


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