The power of Green Gram for the young tresses

Lentils or pulses have been long known for being excellent sources of proteins. They contain many other macronutrients like zinc, iron, and magnesium and have strengthening powers.

The human hair follicles are made of keratin, a protein-based substance made naturally by the body. Our hair roots need continuous protein treatments to make keratin, which keeps the hair strong and lustrous. 

In the case of babies, this keratin is even more important. Your child’s young hair strands are prone to dryness, weakness, and can become brittle fast due to a lack of adequate amount of protein.

Green Gram, known as moong in Hindi, is an all-natural substance essential for the skin and hair. In the olden days, people used the powder of green gram for skin and hair and to treat other hair conditions. It is known to be one of the best sources of proteins and works magic on hair. 

Maaté’s Baby Hair Cleanser is a natural and the best baby shampoo due to the ingredients it comprises, including Green Gram being one of them. This wonder pulse is enriched with plenty of hair nourishing nutrients along with protein like B-vitamin, zinc, iron and essential fatty acids.

Zinc in hair products is known to regenerate the hair cells, iron helps boost blood circulation throughout the scalp, and B-vitamin, known as biotin is an excellent vitamin for hair growth.

Green gram has essential fats that provide hydration and prevent breakage and hair fall in baby’s hair, along with vitamin C and antioxidants that reverse hair loss and makes the locks shiny and smooth. Use  Maaté’s best baby shampoo which is loaded with the goodness of green gram and other vital nutrients like fenugreek, lavender oil and neem. Check it out here