The right way to treat your newborn’s tender locks

Whether your little angel is born with a head full of hair or a scarce growth, having a proper hair care routine, in either case, is very crucial. The roots and the hair follicles are weak in newborn babies and thus, are prone to breakage, dryness, and brittleness. 

Combing your fingers through your baby’s hair should feel smooth and soft and to ensure that, Maaté brings to you some essential tips along with new born baby products to try for your baby’s tender tresses.

  • Always use a baby comb with soft bristles that won’t tug at your baby’s gentle hair, especially when it’s tangled.
  • If your baby’s hair tends to have a lot of knots, ease them out using some baby oil rather than combing or brushing it. Combing could result in weaker roots, breakage, and hair fall. Also, it is uncomfortable and painful for your child.
  • It is normal for your newborn to shed hair for about the next 6-8 months. The hair fall is a common psychological and hormonal reaction of being born and it isn’t an issue to fret about.


  • Make sure to use mild new born baby products, especially the baby shampoo or cleanser with a ‘no tears’ factor. The scalp and the hair strands are very delicate to be treated with a harsh shampoo, or the one used by adults. Check out Maaté’s Baby Hair Cleanser with natural emollients like the protein-rich Fenugreek and Green Gram, which strengthen hair roots leaving hair soft and shiny. Click here.
  • Hair massage is an age-old practice that is still prevalent in today’s time. It provides the much-needed nourishment and strength to the scalp and hair while increasing blood circulation in the head. Use Maaté’s Baby Hair Massage Oil which is a perfect blend of precious oils that take care of your baby’s hair the right way. Experience its goodness here.