These are the areas you shouldn't miss while cleaning your baby

New mothers are often worried about getting their young ones to bath to keep them fresh and away from any bacteria or germs. Using the right baby body wash, setting the water temperature right, and making sure the baby enjoys the bath time, all this is important to keep in mind while you bath your baby. But, while you make sure to clean your young one properly, you may miss out on some crucial areas that could go unnoticed. Here is a list of the areas you must pay special attention to during the baby’s bathing session. 

  1. Face

All the crying and eating can cause the baby’s face to get quite dirty. Make sure to use cotton balls or wipes while cleaning the face as the skin is very sensitive. Clean the inner corners of the eyes, sides of the nose and mouth, and the forehead, gently without rubbing vigorously. 

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  1. Ears

The ears can also accumulate dirt quickly since it is an area often missed by mothers while cleaning their child. Do not use earbuds or Q-Tips to clean the insides of the baby’s ear as it could lead to puncturing the eardrum. Take a cotton ball and clean the outside as well as the back of the ear gently.

  1. Underarms

Another area where dirt and sweat can accumulate easily is the underarms. Make sure to clean the folds of the skin in the underarm softly. Use Maaté’s Baby Body Wash for gentle cleaning experience.

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  1. Neck

Often, the neck of the baby gets neglected as It gets hidden between the chin and the collar bones. The baby’s neck is very soft and dirt tends to accumulate in the folds of the skin. Clean the neck using a soft and damp washcloth. Be careful not to tug or stretch the skin folds too much. 

  1. Genital Area

It is probably the most sensitive area of the child that must be dealt with great care. Do not use harsh soaps or chemicals in the genital area. Wipe away any dirt using a soft washcloth dipped in water or cotton swabs. Do not forget to clean the inner thighs as it often gets neglected while bathing