Things to carry in your baby’s diaper bag

Heading for a day out with your bundle of joy? Don’t forget to carry a well-packed diaper bag for your baby. Diaper bags can be your go-to when you have a baby along. You can pack all the things your baby might require and enjoy your day out stress-free.

Read on to find out what are every mother’s top essential baby care products for emergencies when they plan to go out with their baby. 

  1. Diapers

A diaper bag is incomplete without diapers, which are pretty obvious. Pack the diapers depending on your baby’s age and requirement. On average, if you feel the need to change within every 2-3 hours, around 10 diapers would be more than enough for a whole day. To prevent diaper rashes, use Maaté’s Baby Body Butter which has deep penetrative and hydrating properties and can help soothe the irritated skin. Check it out here 

  1. Wipes

Wipes are very convenient and handy when it comes to food spillage, or cleaning of hands, and even during diaper changes. Keep a full pack with you in your diaper bag and make sure they are baby-friendly. They shouldn’t have alcohol or other toxic chemicals as these can cause dryness and rashes.

  1. Baby Moisturisers

Being out for the whole day in a harsh environment can take a toll on your baby’s skin. It can cause dryness, allergies, rashes, or simply irritation. Carry good baby moisturisers like the Maaté’s Baby Face Butter. One of our most unique baby care products, it has cell regenerating and collagen repair properties that strengthen the skin barrier and protects it from pollution and harmful UV rays. But it here


  1. Changes of clothes

Always keep an alternate outfit for your baby when heading out. It can help during spillage or leaks and you never know when your baby might need a change of clothes. Choose some easy clothing according to the weather and you are good to go.