Things to include in your baby’s daily routine

Taking care of a child is a 24-hour job with no leaves. From frequent diaper changes to sudden bouts of crying, it can let the parents experience all emotions at once. As your newborn grows older, it’s a must to have a proper daily routine for him/her. While a baby’s usual daily routine may look simple, there are some small activities that you must add in your child’s day to make it more beneficial for him.

  1. Include massage sessions

Massages are crucial enough to be done daily, whether hair or body massages. Give your baby a soothing massage every day, either with a nutrient-rich oil before a bath or even without one, before bed. Maaté’s has one of the best natural baby products, including Baby Massage Oils. Infused with the benefits of natural oils, they keep your baby healthy and nourished. Make these oils yours by checking them out here.

  1. Fix the time for bed

As your baby grows up, they tend to switch to one proper sleep during the night. It gets important for parents to fix the bed timings of their child to make it comfortable for them to sleep at a regular time. Start preparing your baby for sleep time. Dim the lights, sing your baby a song or a lullaby, or give him a light massage. Some mothers also like to give their baby a quick bath as it induces drowsiness and makes the baby sleep better. 

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  1. Moisturize after every bath

Your baby’s skin is a victim of dryness, especially after showers as the soaps and waters can dry out the skin. Use a generous amount of a hydrating moisturizer, like the Maaté’s Baby Body and Baby Face Butter. These have naturally-occurring ingredients that keep the baby’s skin soft, smooth, and supple. Grab these jars of goodness and other natural baby products here.

  1. Have proper play/family time

A balanced daily routine for the baby includes a well-planned family or playtime. Make sure it doesn’t hinder the sleep or eating timings and the baby should be awake and alert. Take your baby outside if the weather permits or have fun with your little one at home. It would help strengthen the bond between you and the baby and would also aid in the development of motor and sensory skills.