Things to keep in mind as you welcome your little one

While welcoming a new member to the family brings a lot of excitement and joy, it often comes alongside unforeseen anxieties of not being able to take good care of your little soul. While such anxieties are common, they can easily be overcome by becoming more aware of baby care and what products you can use for your baby so that they only receive the very best. We have listed out top skincare tips with natural babycare products in India so that you can get started with choosing the best products for your baby right away! 

Hydrate your baby boo’s skin regularly 

Your baby might feel sweaty or itchy on his or her dimples on the neck, legs, or arms. A moisturiser shall avert all these skin irritations and help in averting such skin problems. It is very essential that a mother moisturises the baby nicely post his or her bath. Also, the skin of babies is really dry, so moisturise them twice a day. But also ensure that you always use a mild moisturiser for your baby just like Maaté’s face & body butter. You can find our baby body & face butter along with our other natural babycare products India by clicking here

Clean your baby often but don’t over do it!

The baby won’t be able to communicate if he or she is not cleaned properly. It is very essential to clean the baby at regular intervals. Also, the skin of the newborn babies tends to peel off thus, cleaning the baby will be smoother. Cleaning also prevents the baby from undergoing unwanted infections and other issues. However, don’t bathe your baby more than thrice a week and for not more than 10 minutes. Find our baby hair and body cleanser and other natural babycare products India right here.  

Massage all the way!

It is very essential that your little one get a proper massage. A body massage helps in a good blood flow which eventually results in good skin. Massaging the skin with coconut, almond or olive oil shall nurture, hydrate and moisturise the skin. Heat the oil a bit before the massage as it can have therapeutic results on the skin. Give your baby a good body & head massage with our hair and body massage oil that you can find with our natural babycare products India here.

Watch out for skin rashes

Rashes can be very distressing and troubling for both you and your baby. Wearing diapers for too long or too tightly can result in unwanted rashes and redness. It is very important to prevent your baby’s skin from rashes by regularly changing it, cleaning the genitals and by putting some talcum to avert rashes. The skin of the little one is very sensitive and thus needs extra care and attention.

Pick natural & organic skincare products 

It is very essential to ditch all the chemical-based products and go for natural ones. The chemicals instituted in the products can be really damaging for the skin health of the baby-making it dry. Thus, wisely pick the products for your little one which is free from chemicals, are organic and made of natural ingredients. Here you can find our 100% natural babycare products online India.