Things to keep in mind while bathing your little one

Bathing sessions can be one of the most pleasured moments of a mother and her child. It is an essential part of the baby care routine and you just can't go without it. A good bath helps keep the baby clean and smelling fresh throughout the day. 

While you may think it's pretty simple to bathe a baby and you do it the correct way, there are some essential pointers to keep in mind to help you have a good time with your baby while he gets cleaned up.

  • Handling a wet and slippery baby could sometimes be tricky, especially for new moms, which is extremely common and normal too. Make sure you are calm and not panicky, you’ll definitely learn this with time.
  • Always make sure to have all the bathing supplies with you before you start bathing your baby. Have with you the towels, body wash, diaper, clothes, and whatever else you need. Running to get them in between the activity should be avoided at all costs as you don’t want to shift your attention from the baby at that point.
  • Choose a mild body wash for babies and refrain from using the one made for adults. Maaté’s Baby Body Wash is a gentle bath time companion for your little one, which leaves the body soft and clean. Shop for new born baby products online at Maaté.
  • The baby’s bathtub shouldn’t be too slippery or have any sharp edges. Remember to keep one hand on your baby’s body at all times to avoid any kind of slipping or accidental sliding.
  • Be sure to moisturize your baby well after every bath as it can keep the skin supple and hydrated. Choose new born baby products online from Maaté like the Baby Body Butter which prevents after-bath dryness in babies. Check it out here.