Tips for the best massage time with your baby

Tips for the best massage time with your baby

 “Being touched, caressed, and massaged is food for the infant. Food as important as minerals, vitamins, and proteins.” 

Massaging your baby comes with a world of benefits for both parent and baby. From simply easing their tummy aches and teething pains to providing a significant boost in their muscle development, bone density, and overall circulation, Massaging is a sacred activity passed on by mothers to mothers for generations. Besides the health benefits, a good massage with the best baby oil for newborn is an ideal bonding time for you and your baby. As touch is one of the five senses that is largely developed after birth, parents must do their best to accelerate this specific sense. Massaging your baby has been proven to have enormous benefits for your baby’s growth like better concentration, cellular growth, etc.

When indulging in this beautiful practice, it is important to use only the purest of products. Maaté’s Baby Body Massage Oil is the best baby oil for newborn when it comes to products that are both natural and effective. It has the benefits of six natural oils including the Morinda Citrifolia Leaf Extract that is known for boosting a healthy skeletal growth of your baby and enhancing the absorption of nutrients in your baby’s bones and other body cells. The Noni leaf extracts further help to improve the skin tone as well as the elasticity of your baby’s skin. The best baby oil for newborn out there, the product not only boosts the skin’s natural process of repairing collagen but also nourishes your little bundle of joy from within.

Here are some great tips and techniques that will help you and your baby make the most of massage time with the best baby oil for newborn: 

1.Cozy and Comfortable 

When massaging your little one, make sure you are in a spot that is comfortable for both you and the baby, preferably a warm, quiet place. The setting of your massage time holds great importance as this is an interactive activity that helps the baby form trust and communication with their parents. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, start massaging your baby with the best baby oil for newborn with gentle strokes. 

2.Slow and Steady 

Try listening to your baby’s cues when you start. The safest way to introduce your baby to massages is to place your baby on their back and begin by slowly rubbing the best baby oil for newborn on each of their body parts so they get used to the pressure of your fingers and the feeling of being touched. You should be extremely gentle at first, moving from the head to the feet. There is no warranted duration of a massage, keep at it as long as you and the baby are enjoying the massage. You can slowly start increasing massage time as the baby gets used to it. 

3.Keep Talking 

Although the baby may not be able to understand you, it is advised that you keep talking to the baby while massaging them. This helps keep their attention and makes for a nice, one-on-one interaction with your baby. Massaging your baby is the easiest and the most organic way of establishing your relationship with them and using only the best baby oil for newborn is the best gift you can give to your child.Get it here.