Tips on how to keep your baby cool during summers

The hot summer months are not just challenging for us, but for our babies too. While summer brings bright, sunny days and fun activities to do, it also brings its own set of problems for our little angels. Rashes, irritation, sweat, and stink could be very troublesome for children. 

Well, fret not because here we have some tips on how to keep your baby cool and fresh during summers.

  1. Avoid heavy and thick clothing

Keep your baby in light and loose clothing during the hot months. Too many layers and tight clothes can be sticky and heavy for the child. Dress them in up cool fabrics like cotton and prefer light, summery colors. 

  1. The optimal temperature of the room

It is very important to keep a check on your baby’s room temperature. A cool and quiet room can help the baby feel comfortable and fall asleep quickly. Draw the curtains to avoid direct sunlight, switch on the air conditioner if required, and keep the room airy. Leaving your baby in hot rooms or spaces can cause serious harm to the child’s health.

  1. Do not skip baths

Taking a bath every day is extremely important during the summer. It keeps the baby cool and removes sweat and dirt, thus keeping them fresh. 

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Maaté’s baby products like Baby Body Wash and Baby Hair Cleansers can make bathing sessions a fun activity for your child. Ingredients like Neem help soothe the skin as they are excellent cooling agents and the fragrance of Lavender Oil would keep the baby smelling fresh all day. Do check them out here

  1. Use light moisturizers 

Moisturizing your baby’s soft skin is equally essential during the hot weather. But, be careful in choosing the right moisturizer which is light-weight and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. Heavy creams can lead to sweating and irritation.

The baby products from Maaté like the Baby Body Butter and Baby Face Butter have moisture-absorbing qualities of Saffron Oil and highly emollient Kokum Butter which controls dryness and softens your baby’s tender skin. Click here to check out the Baby Body Butter and other amazing baby products.

  1. Limit the use of diapers

Diapers are one of the basic baby products that each mother prefers. But, the hot months can make it difficult for the baby to wear them most of the time. They can cause diaper rashes, sweating and soiled ones can be very uncomfortable for the baby. Avoid using diapers as much as possible and switch to easier and comfortable options like cotton nappies. They keep the baby sweat-proof and prevent rashes. Click to choose here Maaté’s Baby Body Butter to keep away the rashes and redness.