Tips to get your little ones Spring-ready

Springtime is all about new beginnings. As winter promises makes way for the blooming spring, the riot of colours in nature sets you up for yet another season. With fragrant bright blooms weaving the city’s rich tapestry heralding the turn of spring, the season’s greatest joy is to bring out the tiny wonders of nature. The spring air is filled with happy noises – of chirping birds, buzzing bees, rustling leaves amidst the cacophony of kids. Quite like our Mother Earth, children spring in action embracing new energies in their body to work with joy and vigour.

As your tiny wonders explore the hilly climb or walk through nature discovering the joy of spotting birds and caterpillars; let them break free. Get ready for some messy hair, dirt of their shirts and mud on their little boots. Afterall, they have been busy spotting signs of nature’s life springing in action. Protecting them from the harsh sun’s rays and the substances in the air, it is essential to set them up for a wellness routine that calms their active bodies, balance their anxious minds and rejuvenate their tender senses. 

MAATE’s bouquet of spring special products deeply nourishes and gets your little babies spring-ready. Here are tips to prepare them for the spring season:

Baby Body Massage Oil

Before setting them off to play, oil massage their arms and legs. Formulated for all seasons, using a massage oil rich in vitamin, mineral & nutrient helps in relaxing the muscles & increasing the bone density. Since spring play means spending time outdoors, their oily skin’s surface will repel the dirt. MAATE Baby Body Massage Oil is 100% natural. No harmful chemicals are added in this precious massage oil. Oils are in-general are very sensitive towards rancidity, oxidation and bacterial formation due to the day-to-day hand touches and air. In order to keep the oil safe from all these problems we use a certified, non-toxic antioxidant in very less quantity.

Baby Hair Massage Oil

A vigorous hair champi calms their active senses and relaxes their energetic minds. A ritual of love, these traditional hair oiling sessions are a great way to bond with your child. Deep hair massage not only nourishes your baby’s delicate hair and scalp but also helps to wash away dirt and dust after an active outdoor play session. MAATÉ Baby Hair Massage Oil is a special formula, inspired by Ayurveda, crafted by our experts keeping in mind your baby’s tender scalp and hair. This oil brings the goodness of nature’s best oils, herbs, and plant extracts to provide deep nourishment for baby’s healthy hair growth.

Baby Body Wash

Give them a gentle cleanse to wash away the dirt, dust, mud and other harmful substances they would have contacted while playing outdoors. Not only does it relax but it also restores the softness of their tender skin. MAATE moisturizing Baby body wash is a soap free formulation with natural cleansers like Oats and Licorice extracts that cleanse with care and leave your baby’s tender skin soft, supple and radiant.

Baby Hair Cleanser

Babies spend most of their leisure hours in the nature’s wild. Give your babies a gentle rinse after their playtime with MAATE Baby Hair Cleanser. It is a fine blend of natural emollients with protein-rich Fenugreek & Green Gram for healthy scalp & strong hair roots. Our gentle soap-free formula of baby Shampoo conditions the baby’s scalp and cleanses the hair without stripping the scalp’s natural oils.

Spring is a season that often hurries by. It is a beautiful reminder to slow down and enjoy the gifts of nature. Slow down and cherish the seasonal joys with your little pumpkins. Let them find the calm in the wild, soul in the puddles and joy in the dirt of their shirts. Let them fall in love with nature’s spring that nourishes their happy souls.