Top 3 oils for babies that can do wonders!

Since ancient times, oils have been regarded as an extremely important baby care product. They are every mother’s favourite, only for the right reasons. They are rich in minerals and antioxidants and are also highly nourishing. Using the right oil, according to the needs of the baby can do wonders for your little ones’ hair, skin, and overall health. 

A brand that is dedicated exclusively to baby care, Maaté chooses the best baby oils for their products, which are essential for your precious child. We present to you the top 3 oils that are a baby’s best friend.

  1. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is very versatile and easy to use oil. It has innumerous 

benefits, especially for babies as it can be used both for skin and hair.

It is rich in vitamin E, which is very good for the baby's skin as it has plenty of antioxidants. Since the oil is light, it is well suited for baby's skin and is often used for body massages. 

Maaté uses this wonder oil in its Baby Massage Oil, which is apt for giving relaxing massages to your little one. Check it out and shop other baby care products online too here.

  1. Chamomile Oil

Your baby's skin is very prone to rashes and redness, now and then. Due to its sensitive nature, it tends to get irritated fast. Thus, here comes the need for this popular essential oil. 

Chamomile oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat rashes and even severe skin conditions like eczema. Due to its soothing fragrance, it promotes sound sleep in babies.

Maaté’s Baby Face Butter is loaded with the goodness of Chamomile Oil along with Wheat Germ Oil, Shea Butter, and Avocado Oil. It provides the necessary nourishment to the facial skin of your child, which is very sensitive and delicate. Do visit here to check it out.

  1. Sesame Oil

Rich in iron, calcium, and anti-oxidants, sesame oil is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. This makes it an ideal choice for oil used in hair massages, especially for babies. Sesame oil improves blood circulation and provides strength to the tender hair follicles of the baby, making it one of the best baby oils out there. 

Head massages using sesame oil not only strengthens the bond between the mother and her child but also provides intense nourishment 

to the scalp. Sesame Oil is an active ingredient in Maaté’s Baby Head Massage Oil which makes your little ones’ locks shiny and healthy. Check out Maaté’s website here to shop for some amazing baby care products online.