Travel 101: Skincare products to carry while travelling with your baby

Travelling is always fun, but it won’t be as easy with a baby along. The young traveller needs his own set of a travelling skincare kit while he sees places. It becomes extremely important to look after your baby’s skin when you travel as weather and environmental changes can take a toll on the little one’s skin.

Well, fret not, because we bring to you the right checklist of the baby skincare products to carry to have a fun and safe trip.

  1. Baby Body Wash

Carry your baby’s favourite body wash in a separate small bottle while you travel. Even though soaps and body washes are provided as toiletries in hotels, you must avoid using those as they could contain harsh chemicals and might not be suitable for the baby’s skin. Choose the trusted Baby Body Wash by Maaté which is as gentle as your baby’s skin and would keep him/her fresh during the trip. 

  1. Baby oil

Your little angel’s tresses might get unruly and frizzy due to the weather changes and roaming outside in the sun. Tame the frizz with some baby oil. It would provide instant nourishment to the dry strands and make them look healthy once again. Buy baby skincare products from Maaté like the Baby Hair Massage Oil by clicking here

  1. Body/Face Butter

The baby’s skin could get dry and develop diaper rashes due to the frequent changes. Keep a body or face butter for your baby with high moisturizing and hydrating properties. It would prevent dryness and rashes while on the go. Choose Maaté’s Baby Body Butter and Baby Face Butter as a handy moisturizer for your baby.

  1. Wipes

Wipes can come in very handy for cleaning up small messes that your baby might create while travelling. They can be used to wipe the mouth or hands and keep the baby dirt-free. Make sure to choose wipes that do not contain alcohol and are baby-friendly.