Treat common baby skin and hair issues with Maaté

Taking care of your little one comes with its own set of problems, not just for the child, but the mother too. The baby’s body is highly vulnerable and sensitive to changes in the environment. The result can clearly be shown in the skin and hair of the child. 

Here are some common skin and hair issues and how to treat them with Maaté’s baby products.

  • Dandruff

The most common cause of baby dandruff is dry skin. To cure baby dandruff it thus becomes essential to cure dryness which is possible with good baby oil and nourishing head massage. A gentle and loving head massage with a natural baby oil improves the blood circulation to your baby’s roots which leads to better absorption of nutrients by the roots which ultimately leads to better hair growth. As you make tiny circles with your fingertips on your baby’s scalp, some of the dead and flaky skin also detaches and falls off, allowing healthier skin cells to replace the ones flaked off. Try Maaté’s Baby hair massage oil here

  • Diaper Rash

Wearing diapers for too long or too tightly can result in unwanted rashes and redness. It is very important to prevent your baby’s skin from rashes by regularly changing it, cleaning the genitals and by putting some talcum to avert rashes. The skin of the little one is very sensitive and thus needs extra care and attention. Use Maaté’s Baby Body Butter to prevent rashes. here

  • Heat Rash

Heat rash is caused by sweating that can clog the sweat glands, resulting in redness, bumps and itchiness. Use a mild baby wash with cooling properties. Try Maaté’s Baby Body Wash which has cooling agents like neem that help soothe itchiness and red bumps. Check this natural baby care product India here.

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