Why a strong mother-child bonding is important for a healthy baby

The mother brings a new life into this world. Her association with her little one is of prime importance. A baby is nurtured safely in a protected environment inside the womb. When he is welcomed into the world, the mother is the first person he/she feels close to.

Maaté advocates similar values and moments of closeness to a mother and a child through its products. A mother nourishes, comforts & cleanses her child, so does Maaté. Our product families are crafted on the same aspects of nourishing, cleansing, and comforting your child with the best possible formulations that focus on specific health benefits for your child.

Bonding with your baby releases hormones and chemicals in the body and signals the brain for rapid growth. It develops the attachment and emotional connection of the baby with his mother. Maaté offers a baby care range of baby care products that give you endless moments of laughter and joy with your munchkin. 

Our Baby Massage Oils bring forth the age-old traditional practice that strengthens the relationship. Bath times with our body washes and hair cleansers help you create moments of pure joy and bliss with your baby. Our range of baby butters showcase the affection and care you provide to your child through the body’s intense nourishment.
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