Why Maaté products are the ideal mix of nature and tradition

Nature is the ultimate nurturer. Maaté has always lived up to the beliefs and practices of going natural while upholding the traditional values of health and skincare.

As a brand solely dedicated to babies, we understand the importance and necessity of using products made of natural and organic ingredients. We are all about the natural traditions to give your baby the love and care he/she deserves. The healthy and happy skin of your little one is the goal we aim to reach and spread smiles across.

Maaté’s Baby Body Wash and Baby Hair Cleanser is a plant-based formulation of carefully selected ingredients that do not hamper with the softness and suppleness of your baby’s skin.

We believe that bath times should be full of moments of togetherness

and closeness between the mother and the child. With ingredients like oats and neem, the body wash is gentle and tender on the young skin. Buy natural baby care products like the Baby Body Wash here from Maaté.

Massages have been an age-old practice and tradition to aid growth and strength in babies. It has been passed on by generations and even today is an effective health and skincare ritual for babies. Upholding and taking the same practice forward, we have curated Maaté’s Body Massage Oil and Hair Massage Oil.

Infused with the benefits of natural oils like sesame oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil. Hair massage is a tradition that brings a mother and her child together for a special bonding exercise over which memories are created & stories shared. Massaging your baby’s hair not only strengthens the mother-child bond but also nourishes it with love and affection. Mother looking to shop for natural baby care products must check out here

A mother’s lap is the only place a baby feels most comfortable and close. Thus, Maaté offers a range of comforting skincare products like the Baby Face Butter and the Baby Body Butter which are as light and gentle as a mother’s touch. Your baby does not only get the comfort of your arms but the goodness of mother nature’s ingredients too. Enriched with chamomile oil, shea butter, saffron oil, and kokum butter, these provide intense moisturization and nourishment to the tender soft skin of your angel. Spend some moments of love while caring for your baby with Maaté’s natural baby care products available here