Why you should look out for ‘Vegan’ Baby Care Products

Why you should look out for ‘Vegan’ Baby Care Products

While 2018 brought about a Vegan wave all around the world after the association of animal and animal by-products with climate change, it is essential to understand what veganism could mean for you, the products you choose, and their impact on the environment. While ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘vegan’ are often understood to be synonymous, they are completely different when it comes to choosing products.  

Cruelty-free products essentially are not tested on animals while Vegan products are not formulated with animal or animal-derived ingredients.  If the products you’ve picked so far for your baby have not stated as mentioned above, there’s a great chance you’ve been applying animal-derived products to your baby’s gentle skin and care. Fret not! There’s always some room to bring about a change which is why Maaté brings to you online baby products that are not just PETA certified cruelty-free but also Vegan! Our 

Products are labelled elaborately so that you’re aware of each of the ingredients that make our online baby products so good for your baby. Here are a few benefits of using Vegan products for your baby -

1. Absorption of only the best

Your baby’s skin absorbs nearly 60% of the products you  apply to it – it’s a scary thought if those products are synthetic, processed and full of preservatives, chemicals and toxins. Vegan beauty products are produced only from plant-based natural ingredients. Common animal ingredients used in skincare include beeswax, lanolin, carmine, and uric acid from cows! Some ingredients that you’d not only not want to apply to your baby’s skin but also keep a thousand miles away from them. You can find our PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free online baby products here

2. Vegan products are actually better for your baby’s skin

Vegan formulas are sometimes given a hard time – are they as effective as non-vegan products? Are they more expensive? Do they have as long a shelf life? The truth is, without animal ingredients, vegan products are actually better for your baby’s skin, especially if your baby has sensitive or condition-prone skin. Animal ingredients can be harsh and clog pores, so vegan products are a soothing alternative. Give your baby the gentleness of our online baby products by clicking here.

3. Vegan products are rich in Vitamin & Antioxidants

Plant-derived ingredients in vegan formulas contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to repair and hydrate your baby’s skin. Your baby is likely to feel healthier if they eat foods in their natural state – and the same logic applies to their skincare. Your baby’s skin will thrive off being fed natural, vegan ingredients. These ingredients include vitamins A, C and E, natural oils, such as coconut, argan and rosehip, algae, soybean extracts, hemp seed extracts, Camu berry and so on. These ingredients are as, if not more effective, than their synthetic counterparts, since they are closer to their natural state. Find our online baby care products made with the goodness of plant-based ingredients here.

4. Non-Vegan products might be harming your baby’s delicate skin

As parents, it’s a given that you would only want to give the best to your children. Choosing the right products and looking out for cruelty-free & vegan labels can actually help your child’s skin benefit naturally. When products are absorbed by the skin, they go straight into the bloodstream. Over time, the absorption of non-vegan ingredients can potentially cause negative side effects on your baby’s skin and hence, well being. Maaté’s right here for you in times of confusion about picking the best skincare & haircare for you baby. Take a look at our 100% natural & vegan online baby products here.

5. The switch to Vegan products for your baby might be easier than you think

In India, traditionally, the bond of mankind and nature is perpetually commemorated. We inherently are driven towards being more understanding towards mother nature. We eat clean, fresh, plant-based foods in our everyday diet without realising that most of what we use in our everyday life is vegan due to the simplistic lifestyle adopted by our ancestors and their compassion towards plants and animals. Maaté is with you on your journey to make this shift from products that are doing no good to nature or your baby to ayurvedic & plant-based baby products. Learn more about our online baby care products and their ingredients right here.