Why you should start indulging your toddler in outdoor activities

Outdoor activities can be one of the best ways to keep your baby lively and active. Staying at home and following the same old monotonous routine can make your toddler dull and lazy. It can hamper their physical and mental being and could result in poor development of social skills. Parents must ensure that their child is given optimum time doing outdoor activities to enhance the holistic development of their beloved toddler.

But, while you and your child may enjoy the activities outdoors, it is also essential to keep his/her skin protected from the harsh environment. Here is a list of outdoor activities to engage your child in, while keeping the skin safe and healthy.

  1. Gardening

Being close to nature and appreciating it should be taught to your toddler at the very beginning. If your child grows up next to nature, taking care of it, watering the plants, and growing saplings, he/she would understand the importance of Mother Nature in their lives. 

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  1. Accompanying you for a walk

The best way to bond with your toddler could be going out for a small walk either in the park or on the streets. You can also go for an early morning walk and spend time with your little one outside, talking, or playing. Make sure to apply sunscreen on your child each time you step out in the sun as it can harm your baby’s soft skin which is prone to damage. Moisturize the skin with Maaté’s Baby Body Butter which hydrates the skin cells and helps in collagen repair.

  1. Riding a cycle

Physical activity is very important for your toddler to have an active and healthy lifestyle. Activities such as cycling or skating can work the muscles and help them grow stronger. They expand the capacity of the lungs and make the heart stronger too.

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  1. Playing with other children of the same age

Making friends and playing with children of the same age group is an important part of your child’s overall growth. This way they would learn how to share, cooperate, and treat each other. It helps in developing social skills, which would have remained underdeveloped in the close surroundings of their homes.