Why you shouldn’t share your skincare products with your baby

Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and delicate and is not something you want to take the trial and error approach with. Their ultra-thin skin can get easily aggravated if triggered by the wrong skin care products and can lead to skin irritation and damage. 

Many parents think that using regular skincare products, that are actually designed for adults, which claim to have ‘safe’ and ‘natural’ ingredients can be used on their little one too. If you have been sharing your products with your child, then it's a practice you need to stop immediately. 

While the opposite may be safe, using adult products for baby’s sensitive skin could be a blunder on your part. The skin of your baby has completely different properties than your own. They have a higher pH, meaning, their skin cannot tolerate the already high pH of adult skincare products. How much the brand claims to have safe and toxic-free ingredients, you cannot use them on your baby due its harsh nature.

Baby skin is very prone to dryness because it can lose moisture faster than the adult skin. It lacks self-moisturising properties and thus, needs heavy moisturisation from the outside. Adult products cannot fulfill the need for moisture and hydration that the baby skin needs.

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