Wondering whether you should switch to a natural baby body cleanser? Here’s what you should know!

It’s super tricky to get 100% natural baby body wash for your baby especially when a lot of brands market themselves as natural & harsh chemicals-free. The reason why they’re able to do so is because of our dearth of reading labels! So, the next time you come across the world ‘natural’ on a babycare product, ensure that you twist that bottle and take a look into what it’s really made of. 

We, at Maaté, we care for our customers and seek to protect the promise they’ve made to their baby - of bringing to them the best of what the world offers. We provide natural baby body wash that is totally free from chemical ingredients. Our body wash gets the job done without negatively impacting your baby’s skin. Here are some of the reason to pick Maaté’s natural baby body wash -

1. Pure as mother nature

Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Parabens… these are some of the chemical ingredients that contribute to lathering your baby’s skin. But they never do anything good for their skin at the same time. On the bright side, organic body washes that are made using natural ingredients are healthy for all skin types and do not sweep away the natural oils off of our skin.

2. Skin soothing properties

Our baby body wash comprises natural ingredients gifted by nature and has a lot of benefits for your baby.  A variety of skin conditions from eczema to acne can be treated in a natural and safe way if you pick natural body washes for your baby. Hence, organic body wash does more than simply cleansing your skin. You can find our baby body wash right here.

3. Environment-friendly

Soaps that are rich in chemicals do not just impact your baby’s skin, but can subsequently lead to pollution of rivers and streams as well. The ingredients are also said to cause air pollution.  On the other hand, our natural baby body wash neither harms your baby’s skin nor causes environmental pollution.

4. Goodness of Antioxidants 

When it comes to foreign elements, harmful agents and other external factors, your baby’s skin is the most important defence. With natural ingredients, essential oils and other nourishing elements present in our natural baby body wash, sufficient antioxidants are supplied to your baby’s skin to ensure it is well capable of protecting their body in the best possible way.