Yoga and Babies - How it can be useful for your little one

Yes, you read that right. Yoga has been an age-long practice of keeping one fit and healthy. But, it isn’t for grown-ups anymore, yoga can be equally beneficial for your baby too, and thus, many mothers have started including a ‘mom and baby’ yoga session in their daily routines.

Here, we bring to you some benefits of why you should do yoga with your little one.

  1. Develops motor skills in babies

Some simple poses and light stretches for your baby can prove to be very beneficial in the long run. Experts say that introducing such activities, like yoga, early in children, can develop motor and sensory skills. It can activate the brain to be more alert and observant. Developing motor skills at a tender age can help them perform better in skill-based activities later on in life.

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  1. Aides in a better sleep

If your baby is fussy about sleeping or tends to be a light sleeper, then yoga is just the right activity for him/her. Yoga has always been linked to a night of sound sleep, not just in adults but in babies too. Have a quick yoga session with your little one before bedtime to reap the benefits. It relaxes the brain and body and gives your baby better sleep time. Also, include a warm bath session in your baby’s night routine with Maate's Baby Body Wash which has the goodness of Neem leaf and Oat extract. 

  1. Relieves digestive issues

Digestive issues are pretty common in babies since milk is a primary source of food, which could sometimes disturb the process of digestion. These issues become more common when your baby isn’t very active throughout the day. It is important to make your baby do yoga regularly to get rid of any gas pains, indigestion, or colic. The asanas and stretches alleviate constipation and other common digestive issues in babies.

  1. Strengthens the bond

Yoga is a fun and healthy activity that mothers should do with their kids as it can be thoroughly enjoyed by both. It can be one of the best ways to bond with your child and strengthen the pure relationship. Have moments of fun, laughter, and love, and see your baby smile, while improving his/her health. The participation of a mother can have a positive impact on the child and increase the closeness between them. 

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