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Your Friendly Motherhood Guide: The first winter with your baby

Stepping into motherhood is a wonderful time of memorable firsts. The first time they opened their eyes, the first smile, and the joy of their first laughter. The same goes with the seasons, it is an absolute joy to share the first summer bath splash with your baby as well as the pitter-patter of the rains. As a new mommy, winter is just as magical for your new-born, however it also brings the worries of your baby’s vulnerable immune system as well as protecting your baby’s sensitive skin against the harsh winters.

Natural Baby Care- Maate

This can seem like a tough task, but the following simple tips can ensure a season of giggles and smiles for your new-born baby during winters.

Crowded areas are best avoided: Less exposure to crowded areas simply means less germs for your little one. Since flu is quite common during winters, crowded areas and public places should be avoided. Not only that, visits from relatives and friends should also be kept at a minimum to avoid viruses.

Warm environment is essential: Keeping the baby warm is crucial during the winter months. Even the slightest change or variations in environment temperature can be stressful for your baby. Since your baby’s body and skin is still developing and prone to dryness and infections, it is best to maintain the temperature in the room meant for your baby. Read more about it here

Comfortable clothing in layers: Sometimes to keep the baby warm we over cover them. Layers are good but too much of them can make your baby cranky. So how much is too much? It's simple … your baby should have just one extra layer than you. That should be enough to keep your baby warm yet comfortable.

Short lukewarm baths: A sponge bath is recommended during winters but it should always be done in a warm and controlled environment. The bath itself should be short and it is recommended to use a mild and gentle body wash preferably with no artificial fragrance and color. Pay attention to the baby's head as well and use a mild cleanser to beat dandruff and dryness during winters.

Hydrate and protect inside out: Harsh winter air can make your baby’s skin dry. Using a nourishing and hydrating body butter, especially during winters can keep your baby’s skin nourished and hydrated during winters. It also shields your baby from dryness and irritation. Just take a little care to ensure that your baby products have no artificial additives like dyes, fragrances, and parabens. Keeping the baby hydrated from the inside is also important. Regular breastfeeding as well as small doses of water will keep your baby smiling as breast milk and water are both important to keep your baby’s skin cool and well hydrated.

Your journey of motherhood is unique to you and so are the ways you choose. Following these tips will surely help you enjoy the best of winter with your little one. Wish you many happy memories for winters to come!