Baby skincare in winters: products you need for optimal care

Baby skincare in winters: products you need for optimal care

Dry, Cracked, Chapped.

Possibly the most uncomfortable words to hear during winters, isn’t it?

The new mommy days are a frightful mix of both happiness and horror for all the challenges it brings along when it comes to taking care of their little ones, especially their tender skin.

As if established already - unending lullabies, sleepless nights, nothing’s ever easy in the baby paradise. Babies tend to develop skin issues like eczema especially in the first few years after their birth which may require a little more than applying layers of moisturizer for deep hydration. Other skin related complications especially during winters include diaper rash, frostbites, chapped lips, roughness on the cheeks, itchiness and rashes leading to patchy, dry and scaly red skin.

Before you fret over winter skincare challenges for your baby, here’s a winter skincare routine for babies that will help you protect your little one’s skin from dryness and dehydration:

Bathing right

Winters can be tough on the baby’s tender skin which is why the importance of a cleaning ritual cannot be overlooked.

Depending on how old your baby is, you would want to decide a bathing ritual in consonance with your Paediatrician, to avoid exposing your child to the cold owing to the freezing weather.

However, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind:

On a chilly winter day, we love a soothing hot water shower but that does not apply to babies. Their skin is thinner and softer than adults which is why the temperature of the water must be set around 38°C (100 F).

Choose a bathing time for your baby that does not disrupt their eating or sleeping pattern. It is also recommended that you bathe your little one at the same time each day, so they don’t get cranky each day during their bath time.

Settle for Natural soaps or body cleansers that are free from sulphate, mineral oil, parabens, and artificial fragrances, crafted without any preservatives that tend to harm the baby tender skin in the long run. Go for something formulated with pure herbs and natural oils like MAATÉ’s Baby Body Wash powered with Natural moisturising agents’ oats and saponin content meant for gentle cleansing during winters, keeping the little one’s skin soft, supple, and radiant.

Use a warm towel after you have bathed your little one and dry out all folds and creases. Make sure to dry out the diaper area well before putting on a fresh diaper to avoid chafing and rashes. 

The good old ritual of body and hair massage

Remember the long champi sessions during your childhood? Well, don’t you think it helped you achieve a beautiful skin and healthy hair from the rigorous patting till there was no residue of oil left on the skin’s surface?

No matter what times we are in, the benefits of massaging body parts and hair remain unlikely to change. And no matter how difficult it gets to squeeze in some time in your baby’s daily schedule for an invigorating oil massage, experts advise not to disregard its importance. Give your baby the soothing care of Natural oils for not just a healthy skin but also for sound sleep and stimulated blood circulation.

Winters obviously demand more intense skincare rituals for that extra moisture, which is why you need something that promises long-lasting hydration. To massage your baby’s skin, rub both your hands to warm up your palms. You can also warm up the oil to bring it to a comfortable lukewarm state, so the baby doesn’t feel the cold from the oil. Liberally use the oil all over your baby’s body, making sure your nails are finely trimmed to avoid hurting your little one during the massaging session.

If you are looking for something Natural to massage your baby’s skin then MAATÉ’s Baby Massage Oil is your ideal pick, for it is enriched with Nature’s best herbs, premium oils & plant extracts. It gives the same warmth and comfort to your baby’s skin that a mother’s womb provides for 9 months. The precious Natural oils in MAATÉ’s Baby Massage Oil have powerful properties that help with bone density and strength. While the goodness of Wheatgerm Oil, Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil enhances the absorption of essential nutrients into the baby’s skin protecting it from all kinds of allergies.

To help your child settle into the daily massage ritual, try massaging in the same order of movements and make the experience as enjoyable for them as possible with baby talking.

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

While nothing comes close to a baby’s skin when it comes to softness but the winter cold and moreover the exposure to chemicals in the form of detergents, unnatural fibres and skincare products can end up damaging the skin cells leading to tiny red bumps on the skin or harsh rash lines.

The extra-sensitive baby skin requires a more intense from of moisturization especially when it comes to winter skincare for babies, a fact which cannot be stressed upon enough. Out of all areas of your baby’s body, the diaper area tends to get the driest of all. To prevent chafing on the area, keep the skin dry and use a good amount of lotion or body butter.

Moisturize twice daily with an irritant-free moisturizer being fully aware of the special needs of the baby’s sensitive skin.

You can always add oatmeal or Natural oils to your baby’s bath to make the bathing experience more moisturizing naturally. MAATÉ’s Baby Body Butter and Face Butter are both designed for that extra moisture that your baby’s skin demands during winters. The Baby body butter powered with the goodness of Rosemary, Kokum Butter and Saffron Oil and the Baby Face Butter enriched with Shea Butter, Chamomile and Avocado Oils ensure that your baby’s skin is protected from oxidative damage, allergens, microbes & UV rays.

Follow these fuss-free winter skincare tips for your little one to keep your baby’s skin well-moisturized, soft and dreamlike all through the season. Invest in Natural skincare for your kids and you’ll never have to rush to the doctor, complaining of another rash. Remember “less is always safe” especially for the little ones who themselves are uncomplicated.


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