Universal Children’s Day – Let Nature Nurture

Universal Children’s Day – Let Nature Nurture

Why do we want them to breath fresh air? Or walk barefoot on the grass? Dew drops kissing their tiny feet as they hop and jump in joy? Because we believe in nature’s ways of nurturing our children. From the food they eat to the air they breathe to the water they drink to the oil they apply, how we wish they were laden with only nature’s best. Universally, as parents, Making good choices is our only mantra for our children. Don’t you agree?

This year, on Universal Children’s Day, as the world invests in today’s children and tomorrow’s leaders, it is time we reflect on the kind of world we want to create and want them to inherit. Unanimously, a greener, cleaner, healthier and happier world with more sustainable choices. And human tryst with nature begins as soon as the mother embarks on her motherhood journey. Right from drawing positive experiences from nature’s abundance to connecting with her inner self, babies nurture in nature’s ways. And once they are born, a mother nourishes and comforts them with pure love and care. Introduce them to the best personal care products that avoids artificial onslaught. Settles only for safe and trusted natural products promising health, wellness and nourishment for their babies.` 

The product range from the house of Maaté is crafted with formulations that focus on specific benefits for your child. They are chemical-free, without artificial ingredients and all-natural. Combining the curative and holistic health benefits offered by Ayurveda, the high-quality paraben-free products assure skin-deep nourishment, healthy cellular growth and overall mental well-being. It’s the optimal combination of traditions and precise formulation with a healthy dose of love & affection. Driven by the innate belief that strongly promotes authentic use of natural substance for babies, Maaté only uses the purest, natural ingredients because we believe in nurturing a toxin-free body and planet. Our experts have researched and blended nature’s life-giving nurturing aspects with traditional practices that will accompany you with the power of nature to nourish, cleanse & comfort your child. Made with fresh flower extracts, pure herbs, and natural oils, Maaté range of products ensure that every step of this journey is filled with purity & love. An environmentally conscious brand, Maaté is a tribute to Mother Earth from whom we draw life and nourishment and our admiration for the Mother in you, who nurtures her baby with such tender love and care. 

Do you know that plants speak, and many languages? Encourage your children to observe closely, hear them speak and train their senses to learn about the secrets of nature. Gift them the power to create, build, nurture and nourish. Let’s pledge to provide them clean air, safe neighborhoods, equal opportunities and good health to create a Happy World. 


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