Guide To Diaper Rash Prevention & Care

A new mother’s guide to diaper rash prevention and care 

Skin as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom is a dream for many and rightfully so. Soft baby skin is a joy to behold. But when your baby's soft delicate skin is riddled with rashes, especially during winters, it is hurtful for both you and your little one. To understand the cause and prevent these rashes in babies one must first start with the basics. 

Major causes of diaper rash in babies

A diaper rash can be very irritating for your baby's sensitive skin . They are small inflamed red bumps on your baby's bottom that can spread to the thighs and stomach. Some of these are the  common causes of these nasty rashes:

Keeping wet or soiled diapers on for long periods of time: A very common reason for diaper rash, the baby might develop a rash if wet or soiled diapers are left unchanged for a long period of time. It can become an ideal ground for bacteria to flourish and cause rashes.

Uncomfortable diapers: It is rare for babies to sit still. Thus the friction caused by uncomfortable diaper material can cause their delicate skin to break out. Sometimes it is also caused by artificial fragrances or additive layers that diapers have which irritate the baby. 

Sudden changes in food habits: Feeding patterns of the baby affects his or her bowel movements and sudden changes in these patterns can also cause rashes.

Preventing rashes in babies with these simple steps 

Keeping your baby away from dry skin and rashes during winters can be quite a daunting task but these simple tips are quite handy to keep rashes at bay.

Keeping your baby's skin clean: Depending on how frequently your baby soils diapers, it is a must to change them frequently. Babies generally pee and poop frequently during winters and that's perfectly normal. However you need to make sure that you keep checking the diapers and changing frequently. Gently clean the delicate area and apply diaper rash cream for protection. The choice of diapers also makes a huge difference. It totally depends on the comfort of the baby whether you want to use cloth or synthetic diapers but make sure that if a cloth diaper is used they should be washed and aired well. It is better to go for one size up to ensure that the diaper is not too tight especially in winters 

A warm bath and massage : A bath time fun makes for a great bonding time for mommy and baby. Especially during winters, a quick massage with a nourishing oil  helps to strengthen the baby's muscles and bones. A gentle warm bath is utterly relaxing for your baby as well. However, use of a harsh soap dries out your baby's skin . Using a mild cleanser is thus recommended as it gently cleans and nourishes your little ones skin.

Guide To Diaper Rash Prevention & Care

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Using a moisturiser generously: Your baby's bottom is delicate and keeping it moisturised is as important as any other part of your baby. Once you have given your little one a bath ensure that you apply a good moisturizer. Baby body butter is even better and should be generously applied every time you change diapers or take the baby outdoors. Read about the benefits of a good body butter here

Diaper free time during the day: Leaving the baby diaper free for at least 10-15 mins helps air your baby's bottom as well as keep it friction free. It also helps your baby to move freely and enjoy playtime.

Little things go a long way in keeping your baby happy. These easy to remember tips are just what it takes to keep the nasty rashes away.