Flying with your infant? These are the 5 things you must pack in your carry on

It’s your baby’s first flight and you want to be an easy and comfortable experience. But you continuously fret about taking care of the child during the long flying hours. You prepare a carry on for him/her but can’t decide what essentials to pack that you may need during the flight. 

We have prepared a list of 5 most basic yet important things to pack in your carry on when flying with your infant.

  1. Small Blanket

Your baby could be sensitive to the temperature during the flight. It is advised to carry a small blanket that can be used to wrap the baby and make him/her feel snug and cosy. 

  1. Diapers and Diaper Cream

Diapers are a must in every mother’s carry on. You should pack the number of diapers depending on the hours you would be spending on the plane. Also, make sure to carry a diaper cream or any good moisturiser that can serve the purpose. One such example of an intense moisturiser in Maaté's Baby Body Butter. Shop it here along with other natural baby care products.

  1. Baby Wipes

Another must-have for every journey with your baby, baby wipes can help you in situations of emergencies. For sudden food spillage, cleaning the baby, sanitizing hands, or wiping off sweat and dirt, they can always be relied upon. Always use natural baby care products, in this case, wipes too, to prevent your child’s skin from getting damaged. 

  1. Baby moisturiser

The cool air from the air conditioners and fan in the planes can dry out your baby’s sensitive skin. Always carry a facial moisturiser, like the one by Maaté. The Baby Face Butter is specially designed for the delicate facial skin of the baby that can lose moisture easily. Check out this natural baby care product here

  1. Toys and Pacifier

A journey on the plane can be tiring and sometimes boring for your child too. It is important to keep him entertained or pacify him during the sudden bouts of crying and irritation. Pack along a couple of toys and pacifiers for your child to keep him busy and happy during the flight.